Love woo China joint Baidu held a charity dinner in Beijing

The evening of May 14, 2011, the first domestic non-public funds love woo China Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as love woo China) joint Baidu Inc held by the 2011 "love from the heart" as the theme of the charity dinner on the 4 floor ballroom in Beijing Pangu hotel. Attending the dinner guests love woo China Charity Foundation Chairman Wang Bing, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li, CEO Cao Guowei, Tencent Inc chairman Ma Huateng, Beijing Wantong Industrial Limited by Share Ltd chairman Feng Lun, Shanghai giant network technology Co., Ltd. chairman Shi Yuzhu, Henderson real estate group vice president Li Jiajie and many other well-known entrepreneurs China, to fund the dinner the sponsors, donors and the community development foundation and the ultimate display of more than 7 years and transparent, to love you and China Huaxia charitable foundation, the future prospects for the development of.

Currently, the China Charity Foundation has completed the rescue of 10 thousand children with congenital heart disease, and the next stage will focus on the treatment and assistance of children with congenital heart disease. This year is the love of China fund established 7th anniversary, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li, sina CEO Cao Guowei was invited to formally join the love China Charity Foundation and become the new director. Love yu Huaxia Fund Association, vice chairman of Henderson announced Li Jiajie contributed to the fund 10 million.

Love Yu China Charity Foundation Chairman Wang Bing said, love Yu China has grown into a product foundation, with the foundation of the scale of development and the improvement of laws and regulations, love China will also be new changes. Over the next 5 to 10 years, love China is committed to the development of a platform based foundation, so that more charitable organizations can find the right public welfare projects through this platform. To build a community based foundation with love for China is a new angle of view for the development of charitable foundations. Willing to always adhere to the spirit of entrepreneurship, let every donation not regret of mission, constantly remind every public caring people with passion, integrity, efficient and innovative values, give life a chance, give the child a future, promote the development of Chinese charity.

Earlier, the love of Mary Huaxia Fund also joined the open platform of Baidu public, through the Internet open platform for the foundation of love child and other public welfare projects for free promotion in the country, the whole society was the strength of love, so that more children need help to get relief through the network platform. It is reported that Baidu open platform to provide free promotion for the national public welfare organization, the public organization and public official authority information and direct docking, provide convenience for the public to understand public information; at present, including the China foundation for poverty alleviation, the Red Cross foundation, the Song Qingling foundation, the charity fund, joining 5A. Baidu Charity Foundation Secretary General Zhang Dongchen said: "the Baidu Charity Foundation will continue to concern and support you love China foundation for various charitable projects, funded youth and vulnerable groups, poverty areas and public institutions to improve the application level of information technology to do more contribution."