Recruitment position:Exhibition Project Supervisor(Time:2017-05-11)

Recruitment number: 0 Age requirement: Under 35 years of age
Hands-on background: No less than two years' work experience Gender requirements: Unlimited
Height requirement: 160cm above    
Job requirements
Job requirements:
1 、 college degree or above, major in marketing, advertising, exhibition or related is preferred;
2 、 quick thinking, keen insight and analytical ability in the market;
3 、 excellent negotiation and sales skills;
4, resolute, keen, have strategic vision, and have affinity;
5 、 good leadership quality and excellent communication skills.
6, five years or above exhibition project experience, including management team experience of less than three years is preferred, good team work spirit and strong sense of responsibility;
7. Rich experience in exhibition project planning, project investment, booth marketing and marketing
Job description
Job description:
1, responsible for the exhibition investment breeze, lead the team to complete the investment target and coordinating;
2, responsible for project team staff evaluation, performance appraisal, training guidance, selection of talents;
3 、 responsible for daily management of exhibition project team;
4. Supervise project team, staff, key accounts, follow up and order processing;
5, establish the project schedule, quality and safety, to ensure the timely completion of the project;
6. Formulate and submit the work plan and personnel plan of the department;
7, formulate team sales plan and indicators, lead the team Achieve Inc sales tasks;
8, staff database information guidance, supervision, implementation;
9 、 guide, train and solve the work summary of staff every week;
10 、 solve all kinds of emergency problems within the team and customers;
11. Complete other tasks assigned by superior.
Salary, welfare, basic salary + insurance + bonus + double cease and legal holiday

Recruitment position:Senior Software Engineer (Java)(Time:2012-01-17)

Recruitment number: 0 Age requirement: Negotiable
Hands-on background: 2 + years of development experience Gender requirements: Unlimited
Height requirement: Long-term    
Job requirements
- deep understanding of OOA/OOD/OOP programming ideas, mastering a variety of commonly used design patterns
- familiar with the basic principles of the existing mainstream Java frameworks (Spring, Struts, Spring, MVC, Hibernate, Ibatis, Freemarker, etc.), with R & D capabilities based on
- pay attention to new technology, understand Groovy, Jruby, be familiar with ROR, COC, RESTful programming style
- love software development, coding, solid foundation, the pursuit of perfection, self-motivated and strong learning ability
- rich experience in Web architecture design and deep understanding of Web site performance tuning, site extensions, and content integration
- familiar with cache principles and mainstream cache framework, experience in cluster system development is preferred
- experience in software project management, enterprise knowledge management, R & D process management is a plus
- Internet interactive product design and development experience, enterprise search experience is preferred
- this position requires more than three years of software product research and development experience
Job description
- undertake the design and development of functional modules for commercial product business systems
- conducting research on Java related technologies;
- using agile software process approach to promote project implementation

Recruitment position: IOS/Android wireless R & D Engineer(Time:2012-01-17)

Recruitment number: 1 Age requirement: Negotiable
Hands-on background: More than 2 years Gender requirements: Unlimited
Height requirement: 3 months    
Job requirements
Bachelor's degree or above, major in computer science or related field
- proficient in C/C++, familiar with Objective-C, ability to analyze and solve problems independently
More than one year iPhone platform application development experience, with the intention to develop in mobile phone platform, and have passion for technology
- familiar with the design and development of mobile phone applications, and have many mobile phone platforms, IOS, Android experience is preferred
- good learning ability and excellent logical thinking ability
- self management ability and good sense of time
- good communication and interpersonal skills
Job description
Good - responsible for software design and development of Android and IOS systems in vertical category
- rapid Demo development
- complete functional development on time based on project schedule and requirements